'Providing the b2b financial services channel with tools, support and advice necessary for their own survival helps build relationships'.
B2B business development
With a shrinking pool of business customers, the need to hold on to profitable customers is reaching an all time high.  The b2b channel still remains a key business source for major financial services corporates.  However this channel is also becoming arguably more confusing by the day with several players chasing the same business pool.  Part of the key to succeeding is to provide b2b clients with tools, support and advice necessary for their own survival.

For entrepreneurs seeking to target the financial services sector understanding what problem and pain their businesses can help solve better and multiple influences on the purchase decision are vital.

Our aim is to work with Corporates and Entrepreneurs to assist them to excel at Sharinggrowthideasb2b development.  Our services include:
  • Generation of innovative ideas for new solutions for this channel 
  • Entering new markets by forging alliances, strategic partnerships
  • Creating elevated pitches, building and managing the business pipeline
  • Creating a business portfolio
  • Structuring pricing terms
  • B2b multi channel marketing to multiple influencers
  • Developing tools for lead generation
  • Matching buyers and sellers where appropriate

Key focus:

  • Understand needs
  • Define killer insights
  • Create and build compelling propositions
  • Market to pitch and build pipeline
  • Key account management
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