'Often entrepreneurs with a great business idea find value in a  fresh perspective to improve their chances for getting funded'.
Investor relations
Not every entrepreneur with a great idea can present it from an 'investors perspective' - with figures, detail and background information to support.  Often entrepreneurs with a great business idea find value with a fresh perspective to improve their chances of getting funded.

To give investors the confidence, entrepreneurs need to convince them that it is a good idea that has been thought through, there is a good team that can execute and are committed to generate rapid growth.  In short, the investor is interested in minimising risks that impact on realising gains

For entrepreneurs wishing to target the investor community, we help create business plans and marketing material in a way that will be most attractive to the investor.
Makingideas fit for market

With a wide range of contacts amongst specialist niche investors and their
advisers, Din Consultants are able to leverage these relationships to effect introductions.  

We support entrepreneurs to:
  • Create the elevator investor pitch
  • Prepare business and marketing plans
  • Develop strategy for getting funded
  • Implement roadshows
  • Introduce where relevant
Key focus:
  • Grooming for funding
  • Investor marketing
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