'Marketing needs to be integrated into the business strategy and processes'
Marketing and brand
Marketing for growthIn the networked and experienced economy, marketing needs to be focussed on creating, managing and developing intangible assets - brand, customer and channel relationships and transforming them into tangible values.

To fulfill this role, marketing needs to be better intergrated into the business strategy and process.  To make marketing work in an integrated way, Din Consultants uses a wide range of disciplines and skills to help companies achieve growth from existing and new marketing opportunities.

Marketing planning to support business objectives

The environment today demands that marketing has an attributable commercial value and satisfies customer needs to build on and protect value.  Our marketing planning process is fully integrated with the business strategy and operational plans to define and deliver:
  • Business aligned marketing strategy and objectives
  • Best mix of routes to market
  • Client on boarding experience - online and offline
  • Collateral required
  • All internal and external communications
Brand building   

Strong brands have historically helped organisations achieve faster growth and higher shareholder returns.  With most products now becoming commoditised, brand remains the key differentiator to provide a sustainable advantage.  We are concerned with building strong and differentiated identities delivered consistently across all customer touch points.  We work with organisations to: 
  • Develop the brand architect and manage delivery of a consistent brand experience  across all customer touch points
  • Define how to extend the brand into new markets and product areas
  • Increase awareness internally of the brand implications
  • Develop brand aligned business propositions and shape strategy
Marketing plan delivery

The rise of Web 2 and social networking is accelerating the shift in marketing initiatives - from a one way communication to real time dynamic communication interacting with customers real time to accommodate expectation.  We assist to:
  • Deliver a ROI focussed marketing plan and crm programme - setting and deploying budgets
  • Select, appoint, manage marketing partners - develop processes to get the  best work from all marketing partners
  • Develop measurement matrix

Key services:

  • Marketing and crm planning
  • Brand development
  • Marketing plan delivery
  • Managing marketing function
  • Developing marketing skills
  • Measurement surveys
  • Project management
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