'Winning hearts and minds is imperative for heralding 'growth and marketing centricity' within an organisation'
People brand development
In most of our work, we initiate long-term change.  In addition to aligning the sytems that drive the process architecture, new patterns of behaviour need to become part of the organisational fabric.

Some clients involve us to manage this process alone for newly established projects.  Others see it as being part of heralding 'growth and innovation' within the organisation.  The values attached to this view will shape internal and external perceptions.  They are the foundations for building up strong team profiles, roles and
responsibilities emphasising new initatives for meeting customer needs.  Some of the work we do includes:
Aiming high
  • Developing and implementing internal communications
  • Undertaking satisfaction surveys and impact of communications
  • Developing champions for new initiatives and providing toolkits to sustain
  • Delivering workshops to facilate innovative thinking and mindset change
  • Developing needs aligned approach to people development
  • Shaping training and retention programmes 

Key focus:

  • Understand employee needs
  • Define competitive advantage
  • Develop employee proposition
  • Market employee proposition
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