'Growth breakthroughs come by anticipating change and being challenging of the status quo'
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Strategic Proposition development
Growth breakthroughs come by anticipating change,embracing outside-in thinking, being challenging of the status quo but above all being committed to delivering differential excellence

Strategic Proposition Development

To remain competitive in the global economy companies need to accelerate the pace of innovation.  Businesses under pressure to deliver growth are constantly seeking new opportunities.  We work with clients to achieve growth breakthroughs, by understanding emerging needs and opportunities, at times looking to other industries for inspiration as well as competitors.  We help harness creativity within the organisation, applying a range of workshop style techniques  to collaboratively develop and build differentiated propositions that provide a distinct competitive advantage

Understanding the changing landscape

Understanding the changing landscape involves providing an overview of markets: competitor businesses: product and solutions: best in class practices from around the world: client needs and trends defined through research

We consolidate the overview of the 3 C's - competitors, clients and company today - to define strategic options for the business - fixes needs for business today and tomorrow

Innovate, Develop and build propositions

We apply the competitive gap to work alongside the team to arrive at answers to the following questions:
  • What do you want to be and where do you Develop and deliver propositionsit in the competitive landscape?
  • Which segments should you serve?
  • What are the capability requirements - people, processes, products and channels
  • Which niches offer the best fit for solutions, product offerings and what are your gaps?
  • What should your online offering be?
  • What are the options for international expansion?
  • How should you organise to capture the opportunity?
  • How do you go to  market?

Answering these questions involves an 'outside in research based approach' working with expertise across functions.  We group customers into segments, define needs and apply them to define the over-arching insight that  shapes  development of the proposition.  In turn the proposition shapes communications, capabilities, culture and corporate responsibility

During the build phase we set up the build plan to ensure joined up delivery of the proposition, acting as custodians of the proposition working across functions and project managing key strategic initiatives

Strategic Proposition Development - our focus:


  • Market feasability study
  • Competitor studies
  • Commission, and Interpret research
  • Undertake key client research
  • Innovation workshops

Develop propositions - our focus:

  • Proposition - develop and build
  • Business Management
  • Project manage key growth initiatives
  • Client experience development
  • Segmentation study
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