Pan-european b2b2c insurance offering from a top 10 global investment and private bank
Following the re-evaluation of its 3rd party b2c pan european business, a top 10 global investment and private bank needed to understand the implications of consumer dynamics and the effect on its business model to transform to b2b2c.  The insurance arm was using a top five strategy house for part of the evaluation.  It later emerged that they also needed assistance in going to market with a revised model

Din Consultants role - Interim Director - Commercial and marketing
  • Build a shared team understanding of the customer fit to the business case and the effect on the business model to transform to b2b2c
  • Apply understanding of customer needs and the gap in the marketplace in order to assess the business case and prepare revised projections
  • Develop brand architecture and supporting pillars.  Develop and manage implementation of an integrated marketing campaign
  • Guide and mentor sales teams on b2b selling, defined by key industry segments.  Prepare needs based bids and follow up relationship building programmes
  • Undertake several initiatives to align various tasks which place the customer at the centre of the business including: setting up organisation and project office, building operational and local country businesses, budget setting

The business went to market on schedule and enhanced business to achieve new business streams
Key contribution:


  • Harness customer centricity for growth
  • Tranform and build proposition
  • Market and brand proposition
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