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Leading UK Mutual Insurance Company
Growth was a key issue for one of the leading mutuals.  Having expanded into several new business areas eg. banking the mutual found itself at a competitive disadvantage - GI and with profits were mature businesses offering limited growth.  Following an internal reorganisation, the scope was to transfom the proposition functions to become leaders of growth

Din Consultants - Interim Director - Proposition
  • Provided leadership, restructured team to be better integrated into other functions, developed measurable mindset change
  • Undertook review of segmentation and business lines - GI, Investment, Banking - identified businesses to exit
  • Developed and prepared business case of affinity business turn-around
  • Developed the with profits turn-around to comply with TCF - managed implementation including all internal/external marketing and communications
  • Implemented streamlined brand and financial management processes
  • Restructured partner agreements - improved budget efficiency

Facilitated board understanding of key transformations - exiting businesses where competitive advantage was weak - developed propositions for growth to increase revenue several fold.  Turned -around function reputation and integration into other functions.

Key focus:


  • Harness creativity for growth
  • Proposition and business build
  • Market
  • Manage change






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