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Pan-european e-wealth business start-up targetting new affluents
A top 10 private bank had commenced implementation of their strategy for starting a new pan-european new affluent e-wealth business.  The front office effort needed to evolve and be better aligned to the business objectives. 


Din Consultants role as an Interim Commercial and Marketing head:
  • Conduct review of the go to market approach for the front office, research and assess skills mix with the contect of the business objectives - define and fix gaps
  • Implement a 'quick-fix' solution to enable the soft launch to take place and set about developing the main launch strategy in parallel to this
  • Commission a segmentation study to better understand client needs and construct the brand architecture.   Apply client  insights to enhance the offering
  • Work with cross functional heads to develop the proposition across the business value chain
  • Consolidate the agency partners, implement new processes, redirect marketing
  • Redefine IT requirements and provide relevant input for managing the business risk
  • Undertake workshops to achieve mindset alignment and motivate team


Successful soft launch resulted in increased marketing budget efficiency, improved human capital cost base and set the scene for introducing a customer aligned business build
Key focus:

  • Fast track function deliverables
  • Innovate to meet client needs 
  • Undertake key fixes for  build today
  • Define fixes for business tomorrow
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