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Leading UK bank with strong global presence
A leading UK bank with a strong national private banking business wanted to expand it's interest internationally - and had outlined ME and Asia as key markets

Din consultants role as proposition consultant
  • Undertake a competitive audit to encompass: industry trends covering key players, product offerings, target segmentation, existing and future channel distribution, financial performance assessment and indicators for a growth strategy
  • Define strategic options including focus on Asia
  • Commission and manage qualitative and quantitative research to defined key segments
  • Describe key 'consumer insight'
  • Apply the insight to describe implications for the product development strategy, relationship model and assess impact on the distribution channels available
  • Develop business build plan and roles/responsibilities for the proposition development team

The bank had a defined approach for building a sustainable consumer-centric proposition
Develop enhanced proposition for private banking expansion in Asia:

  • Understand environment
  • Define strategic options
  • Innovate for growth
  • Shape business build
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