'We are always willing to go that extra mile, opening up new possibilities, working together to push boundaries with confidence'
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Sabila Din is the founder of Din Consultants.  For many years she had the vision of creating a team of experienced networked practitioners with complimentary skills who could collaborate to deliver projects and work independently delivering value for clients without unnecessary overheads.

These partner associates have been selected because they have arrived at similar conclusions and share the same vision and principles to doing business.  Partner associates are always willing to go that extra mile, open up new possibilities and offer the breadth and depth of experience you would expect at a senior level.

Sabila DIn - profile

With over 25 years experience in financial services, Sabila is the CEO and founder of Din Consultants. She is in the process of setting up her first collaborative venture targetting the female economy.

The wealth management sector is a key focus and Sabila has worked with a number of leading wealth players to build AUM's globally - starting new businesses, turning around or expanding existing businesses.  Organisations include 3 of the top 10 players - Credit Suisse: UBS: Deutsche.  Others include Barclays Wealth: Lloyds TSB Wealth: Standard Chartered.

The consultancy has also worked in partnership with organisations wishing to target the global wealth management sector.  Mandates include: financial investor relations/placement for several private equity funds and philanthropic solutions: proposition development and go to market for IBM Management Consultancy (EMEA) to enable them to compete higher up the food chain.

Some of the entrepreneurs that she has worked with include Gaze Holdings: Lafferty publications

Prior to starting Din Consultants, Sabila was 'Commercial and Marketing Director' for ABN AMRO - setting up the pan-asian consumer bank - which became a top 10 player.

Her early career was in the marketing and advertising industry - where she helped to build and manage JWT Dialog in Hongkong.  She was also board director of CDP (UK) and part of the Streets Financial communications team in the UK.  Clients that she advised and accounts that she managed include: Citi(Asia): Nomura (UK): M & S Financial Services (UK): SFC (HK): Jardines: Prudential (Asia); Rolex (Asia): Mazda (UK); Honda (UK): Ford (China)

Team selection drivers:

  • Expertise depth
  • Similar principles of doing business
  • Similar values
  • Skills to compliment and enhance value for clients


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