'Ideas for gaining the competitive edge come from harnessing internal and external creativity and brainpower'
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Looking for new ideas internally and externally is necessary for growth if companies are to accelerate their pace of innovation.  Harnessing your team and your customers brainpower to think broadly about your business provides tremendous advantage.

Here we hope to share our thinking, encouraging an interactive dialog inviting comments with a view to pooling brainpower for collective personal and corporate growth.  We think it would be great if we could have a conversation about how we could help put some of our and your thoughts into practice.

The environment of the past few years has created the recognition to create more robust forms of financial intermediation.  The following papers, share some of our thinking: :

The new dawn - Islamic Finance  can provide the bridge with ethical finance and tap into both the Muslim and conventional audience of individuals disappointed with financial institutions

The female economy  - with an economy size larger than India and China, this paper explores how financial services organisations can better serve the female consumer

Worksite marketing - with time becoming an ever increasing commodity this paper explores how financial organisations can leverage the workplace as a distribution channel
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The new dawn - Islamic Finance

The female economy and opportunities for financial services

Worksite marketing
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