'Given the size of the female economy, companies that offer tailored solutions going 'beyond making it pink' are well placed to win'.
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Our focus
Our focus is to identify new growth opportunities and start ventures that in turn can compliment and provide value to the clients that we work with on the consultancy side.  

The female economy offers a strong competitive advantage, as we have spent several years nurturing relationships and building intellectual capital about this sector.  Companies that offer tailored products going beyond 'make it pink' will be positioned to win when the economy sets to recover*

The numbers make sense:Women now drive world economies
  • Globally women control around $20trn in annual consumer spend which will climb to $28trn in 2014*
  • China's GDP in 2009 was $4.4 trn projected to grow to $6.6 trn by 2014 *
  • India's GDP in 2009 was $1.2trn projected to grow to $1.8trn by 2014 *

source: Harvard Business Review,  September 2009

With an economy size larger than China and India it is foolish to ignore or underestimate the female consumer.  Yet many women feel underserved - the financial services sector being quoted as the worst at serving the female consumer.  

Whilst organisations are attempting to address this market, a number of internal cultural and management barriers will prevent speed to market.   As the recovery gets underway, the timing we believe is now right to accelerate and leverage the intellectual capital and relationships that we have built in the female sector.

The first initiative that we are bringing to the market is the 'Property Club' - in collaboration with Addidi Wealth Management, an IFA business serving the HNW female market.
The first collaborative venture with Addidi Wealth Management

'Property Club for females passionate about building value from property'


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