Market capacity development to build markets and trade

Build Markets and Trade

Once a business is established and thriving in its home market, it signifies the right time to branch out into new markets. We help South East Asian businesses enter the UK and in turn UK/European businesses expand into Asia via Singapore by defining and implementing the approach that offers the best fit.

Our growth development solutions can help understand the new markets and how to become market ready. We assess the propositions and markets, identify opportunities for building regional value chains and conduct export potential assessment.

Recruiting and mobilising the right talent takes precious time when often speed to market is of the essence.  In these instances, we mobilise interim teams of senior and experienced practitioners to undertake business development.  The breadth and depth of market knowledge helps manage market entry risks and optimises the business build.  We also evaluate, define and select local strategic partners who either provide local market expertise or liquidity to help the business grow.

Our approach to building markets

Market specific transformation


Business development


Strategic partnership development

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