Gender mobilisation  to unleash the gender potential

Gender Visioning Workshops

Significant focus is being made on gender equality in the work place. What can’t be questioned is the emergence and proliferation of the female economy influenced by women, not just as consumers but as wealth creators, wealth managers, opinion shapers and philanthropists.  This trend is not just confined to the West, but is prevalent throughout the world.

Our work in this sector in both developing and developed markets is designed to help firms understand why gender matters and the transformation required to be inclusive and gender smart. This is as much about the external offer as it is about how the organisation thinks about the opportunity. 

Our gender visioning workshop solutions provide a practical framework to help organisations develop gender lens thinking.  These workshops are designed to help organisations create the transformation from within to harness the economic potential of women.

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Our approach to kick-starting gender lens development

Understand gender lens  thinking 


Inspire gender centric thinking


Rethink existing gender solutions


Kickstart gender lens  developmnet

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