Gender mobilisation to unleash the gender potential

Future work sandbox

Cognitive revolution is redefining work to create human machine collaboration, shifting work from task completion to problem solving.  This results in a new set of issues for diversity and inclusion such as:

  • Historical data drives the human machine collaboration and this is open to gender bias.
  • Women have more at stake where they dominate the jobs with a high risk of automation. The World Economic Forum Report released in 2018 finds that 57% of jobs held by women are likely to be disrupted.

We help organisations conceive the change brought about by human machine collaboration.  Din creates ideas to develop programmes for human machine collaboration that are gender inclusive and define retraining paths.

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Our approach to creating the future work sandbox

Fuel imagination

Series of workshops, study visits, talks to imagine the future of a work


Create human machine collaboration scenarios, impact on talent platforms and create gender centric programmes


Curate the next generation gender centric experience.  Engage leaders and workforce to deliver the next generation workforce  programmes

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