Gender mobilisation mandates

Examples of our work

This is just a glimpse of the work we have done with institutions across the female value chain. In the institutional sector, we provide examples of work we have done conducting investment diagnostics for DFI’s.

The case studies highlighted focus on understanding the women’s banking opportunity and delivering the proposition architecture for a women’s MSME banking.

We also outline work we have done on women with wealth, women MSME’s and women managing money.

For a Development Finance Institute , undertook an investment diagnostics for gender banking and inclusion in the ME.

We determined approach to improve outcomes for women and improve financial returns, developed resources for women eg finance, technical assistance and mentoring, developed gender impact metrics.

Deliver the women’s MSME banking scale up proposition architecture for leading MENA banks to become leaders.

We created and delivered propositions for the business, financial and non financial solutions. Delivered gender centric thinking programmes. Leveraged digital for the channel proposition. Developed gender metrics.

Help leading banks across the world understand the gender MSME and personal banking opportunity.

We delivered market assessment studies to quantify the gap, define demand requirements, supply side limitations and policy development requirements.

Empower women with wealth to have control over their wealth – Europe, Asia and ME.

We ran convening forums to build knowledge about : wealth, business expansion strategies, effective philanthropy and women on family office boards.

Enable market access - help female entrepreneurs from MENA & Asia build business and markets.

We repackaged  the proposition/brand, undertook business development and connected to sponsors. Commenced building an ecosystem of support and gender lens investors.

Collaborate with a female asset manager to build co-investing solutions.

We created and marketed co-investing solutions for angel investing and investing in property. This also involved defining structures and regulatory requirement.

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