Gender mobilisation  to unleash the gender potential

Gender opportunity diagnostic

While the female capital opportunity is intuitively understood, organisations and countries are at different stages of weighing the output and determining the change that is required.  We help companies better understand the opportunity that women offer across the value chain.  This can be women as wealth creators, wealth managers, buyers of solutions, suppliers, in the workforce and as agents of change.

The methodology for assessing the opportunity across all, or one component of the value chain, is tailor made.  Typically this can involve a triangulation of desk, quantitative and qualitative research to define the supply, demand and enabling drivers.

We find that levels of gender disaggregated data is typically low, however, we are able to apply our extensive knowledge to shape and implement the methodology that furthers understanding.  Through knowledge of the company, the environment and customer diagnostics viewed through a gender lens, we arrive at powerful strategic options for growth.

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Our approach to defining the gender opportunity

Environment diagnostic


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Strategic options for growth

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