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Examples of our work

We have worked with 3 of the top 10 global private banks, 2 of the top 4 UK banks, top 3 European insurance companies and various top 3 local banks in MENA and Africa. The range is not exhaustive and is provided to give a glimpse of the depth and breadth of growth development mandates that we have delivered in private banking, SME banking and the wealth sector service providers.

The selected examples focus on creating and commercialising transformation propositions in Wealth and SME banking, creating and commercialising propositions to drive sustainability, building brands and businesses.

Implement start-up strategy for a top 10 global private bank building a new robo-advisory pan European digital bank to be the leader.

We  applied customer behavioural science insights to create and commercialise the proposition architecture.  This covered solutions, tools, thought leadership, research and robo-advisory.  Delivered marketing strategy.

Develop and execute transformation propositions for a leading UK private bank seeking be top 10 globally. Develop and embed one brand.

We developed brand aligned marketing and communications across all touch points.  We developed brand aligned solutions for wealth growth, protecting and giving back covering  advisory, discretionary and online.

Develop transformation strategy for a UK commercial bank seeking to be a leading private bank in Asia, Africa and Middle East.

We  developed a  customer centric growth strategy and transformation blueprint mapped to needs.  These insights originated from the  research segmentation study.

Reboot the service offering for a global information technology provider to grow new revenue streams.

We developed a combined go to market proposition, created solutions with ever evolving technology innovations to win new engagements in the wealth sector.

Collaborated to help a top 3 global private bank start and build a digital plus pan-European private bank.

Create and commercialise scale up proposition for various African top 3 local banks on how to better serve MSME’s.

We undertook a series of visioning workshops, co-created and  developed associated customer centric  financial and non financial solutions.  Shaped the development of alternative scoring and coverage models, all leveraging fintech.

Develop and commercialise propositions to grow and drive sustainability in the agri-sector for a top 3 African bank.

We developed an ecosystem platform concept of bank and non-bank providers, supporting agri SME’s to sustainably improve productivity, distribution and access markets. This included clean living solutions.

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