Gender mobilisation to unleash the gender potential

Gender propositions

Realising the strategic options for unleashing the gender opportunity requires one or all of the following components:  new solutions financial and non financial, businesses, channels, brands, markets and segments. As a starting point, we assess the business by measures currently being used by leading gender based indices. This helps us identify progress and gaps and enables us to shape the framework for activating gender lens thinking to innovate and define concepts and address unmet needs.

Gender lens thinking is an important part of our approach. Through it we co-create transformative and compelling propositions for unleashing the gender opportunity.  We make stakeholders and female customers an integral part of the collaborative process to ensure we listen and learn from their needs.

We validate the concept across a framework of financial and non financial returns when defining the blueprint. From there, we help build and embed the proposition promise and architecture into the DNA of the organisation.  This framework shapes the heart of a gender smart and relevant organisation.

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Gender-centric Proposition Development Process

Fuel imagination and discover

Co-create and validate

Develop proposition architecture

Build and commercialise

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